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HP series high performance multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

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working principle:

When the HP series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is working, the motor drives the horizontal axis to run. The pinion at the end of the horizontal shaft drives the large gear mounted on the eccentric sleeve flange, and the large gear drives the eccentric sleeve to run around the spindle at a high speed. The moving cone spherical bearing sits on the concave surface of the spherical surface of the top of the main shaft, while the lower cone of the moving cone is placed on the eccentric sleeve.

During the eccentric or revolving movement of the eccentric sleeve, the moving cone is driven by the contact between the moving cone bushing and the eccentric sleeve. When the moving cone is close to the fixed cone, the ore is in the process of being crushed and broken, and the other side of the moving cone is away from the fixed cone. At this time, the crushed ore is discharged from the bottom of the two cones by its own weight.


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