Common fault maintenance and daily maintenance of jaw crusher

The jaw crusher, consists of two jaws, which are composed of moving jaws and static jaws, which simulate the crushing chamber of the jaws and simulate the two-inch movement of the animals to complete the crushing operation of the material crushing operation.

jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, and can be used for coarse and medium crushing operations on various ores, rocks and other materials with a compressive strength of not more than 320 MPa.

Jaw Crusher

Due to its many advantages, jaw crusher is a standard crushing machine for general mining enterprises and quarries. With the rapid development of China, the stone farm enterprises everywhere are blooming everywhere. Various types of failures occur, of course, jaw crusher equipment is no exception. In order to better maintain and repair the jaw crusher equipment for each sandstone production line, the following common faults are summarized:

First, the toggle plate runs off and even causes friction and collision with the side of the body: When such a fault occurs, it should be stopped and repaired. Loosen the spring tie rod screw to the appropriate position, place a five-ton or ten-ton hydraulic jack on the inclined surface of the rear wall of the machine body, and start the top of the body to the appropriate position, both to prevent the bracket from falling off and to reset the rear toggle bracket. Easy. Then use iron brazing to the bracket and the sledge hammer hits the iron to reset the bracket. After resetting, a steel plate is welded to the inner end surface of the bracket groove on the side of the deviation. Generally, both ends are welded to prevent the bracket from running off.

Second, the rear wall tensioning adjustment seat T-bolt is easy to break the precautions: T-bolt is easier to break from the T-head transition, mainly due to the reciprocating motion of the moving jaw, so that the adjustment seat generates the inertial force of the front and rear movement , thereby causing the bolt to fatigue fracture. To solve such failures, a T-bolt with higher strength, or a self-made conveyor belt flat washer or imitation adjustment pad on the mat should be used to make a conveyor belt adjustment pad placed on the rear wall of the machine base to relieve the impact force.

3. The impact of the looseness of the movable jaw and the impact of the moving jaw. When the wedge surface of the wedge-shaped clamp that presses the movable jaw is worn out, the impact sound will be generated when the movable jaw cannot be pressed tightly.

Jaw crusher equipment should pay attention to maintenance during use, so that the crusher can run better, and it can create more benefits for the enterprise, regular maintenance and maintenance, and safe production.