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Wastewater treatment system

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In the context of increasing global attention to environmental protection, the problem of wastewater treatment between sand and gravel fields is becoming more and more important, directly related to the continued operation of the sandstone field. In view of China's previous treatment of this area using only sedimentation tanks, it is not possible to treat large amounts of sewage in time, and the area is relatively large. In recent years, the industry has begun to use drugs to accelerate sludge sedimentation in order to achieve the purpose of recycling water. However, this method is not only incapable of precise control and high cost, but also causes the recycled water to re-contaminate the finished product.

In order to deal with the waste water problem of the gravel field under the most economical and most effective premise, we refer to the wastewater treatment sinking concentration tank in developed countries, and research and development improvement. From the source, we can study the appropriate drug specific gravity, sedimentation speed, and involve the later pollution. How to achieve "stable production, stable time, stable dryness", and finally develop a wastewater treatment system with small overall footprint, low dosage, low operating cost and obvious effect, with advanced technology to make wastewater the most The fast way is effectively recycled. The system plays an important role in the water washing field.