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Fine sand recycling machine

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Product introduction:

The HB series of fine sand recovery machine is the latest fine sand recycling equipment developed by the authoritative experts of Huabao Mining Machinery to absorb the latest fine sand recycling technology and concept in Europe. It has developed internationally advanced technology and possesses a number of independent patent technology property rights. In the artificial sand production line, recycling and environmental protection engineering (mud purification), etc., effectively solve the problem of fine sand recycling, and improve efficiency for customers.

Product advantages:

1. High recovery rate

The equipment adopts a semi-closed design. After the mortar is separated by the cyclone, the unrecovered sediment and waste water will be discharged from the overflow port at the upper part of the cyclone. Flexible and reasonable waste discharge and multiple recovery, the recovery rate is as high as 90%.

2. Small production power

When designing the dewatering type fine sand recovery machine, the comprehensive cooperation of the motor, the slurry pump and the cyclone is well considered, so that the equipment can exert the maximum production efficiency in the work, and at the same time, the energy can be fully utilized.

Use, reduce the power consumption in the process of equipment, and achieve the effect of energy-saving production.

3. Economic and environmental protection

The research and development of the dewatering fine sand recovery machine not only brings huge profits to the sand and gravel enterprise, but also the fine sand lost by the sand washing machine is recycled, the sediment content in the discharged wastewater is reduced, and the sedimentation of the sedimentation tank is slowed down. The processing cost is reduced, and the mixed fine sand and the sand and gravel washed by the sand washing machine can also improve the overall quality and quality of the sand and gravel.

4. Gradation of grading

The fine sand (0.075-0.35) in the waste water is extracted through the equipment to achieve the optimal gradation of the sand, which increases the output by 10%, which produces greater benefits for the enterprise and reduces the pressure of subsequent sewage treatment.