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Sand washing machine

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    XS series
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working principle:

When the sand washing machine is working, the motor rotates slowly through the V-belt, reducer and gear, and the impeller rotates slowly. The gravel has a feeding trough into the washing tank, which is tumbling under the impeller and grinds each other to remove the covered gravel. The impurities on the surface destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand at the same time to facilitate dehydration. At the same time, water is added to form a strong water flow, and foreign matter with small impurities and small specific gravity is taken away in time, and discharged from the overflow port to complete the cleaning. The clean sandstone is taken away by the impeller blades, and finally the sandstone is poured from the rotating impeller into the feed trough to complete the cleaning and scooping of the gravel.

Structural features:

1. Simple structure and stable operation

2. The bearing is separated from the water and materials to avoid premature damage caused by pollution and rust.

3. Suitable for a variety of work environments

4. Less material loss, high cleaning efficiency, can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials

5. Long service life, almost no wearing parts


Technical Parameters: