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Vertical shaft impact crusher

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    V series
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product description:

Vertical shaft impact crusher is also called sand making machine/shaping machine. This machine is developed for the demand of modern sand making. Huabao introduces the advanced technology of American Barmac and combines the actual situation of domestic crushing production to develop a V-series impact crusher with leading level at home and abroad. It is widely used in various rock, abrasive, refractory and cement. Medium and fine crushed (grain) of various hard and brittle materials such as clinker, quartz stone, iron ore and concrete aggregate. It is especially suitable for sand for construction and gravel for road construction.

working principle:

Central feed: The raw material falls to the feed hopper and then enters the impeller through the central inlet. The material is accelerated by the high speed impeller and thrown at a speed of 60-75 m/s. The material is crushed when it hits the crushed concave plate, and the final product is discharged with the discharge opening.

Ring feed: The material is lowered to the feed hopper and is divided into two parts by a special plate. A part of the material enters the impeller through the center of the plate, and other materials fall from the outside of the plate, so that the material is continuously impacted and repeatedly impacted to achieve the shaping and crushing effect.

Technical Parameters:


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