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Simmons high efficiency cone crusher

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Product advantages:

1. Large capacity

Huabao PYS series Simmons high-efficiency cone crusher brings together outstanding products that combine the best of domestic and foreign technology. Because of its high output, it is 1.5-2 times of the capacity of the corresponding size spring cone crusher.

2. Low energy consumption

Unique eccentric sleeve, spindle, cavity design, reasonable meshing angle, strong crushing force, large crushing ratio and greatly reduced energy consumption.

3. Granularity

The high number of revolutions guarantees high output, while the product size is neat, the material type is good, and the yield is high.

4. Sealed well

The compact dust seal ring design solves the problem of the dust seal of the cone crusher, which greatly reduces the wear of the transmission parts and the consumption of lubricating oil.

5. Clear the cavity quickly

The design of the hydraulic jack of the clear cavity makes the processing of the clear cavity of the cone crusher caused by overload and is very fast and safe.

6. Cavity specifications and models

The complete specifications are thick, thick, medium and thin cavity design, which is suitable for a wide range of ore conditions and different product particle size requirements.

7. Protection measures are in place

Reliable motor overload protection, oil temperature, oil pressure, oil range alarm, control protection design eliminates major equipment accidents. Lubricating oil cooling can optionally be air cooled or water cooled.

working principle:

Simmons cone crusher is based on the introduction and absorption of foreign technology, based on the customer's needs, based on the principle of laminating crushing and multi-breaking and grinding concept design, the development of high swing frequency, optimized cavity and reasonable stroke in one modern High performance spring cone crusher.

Product main parts diagram: